Blur like sotong.

Sharpness. Details. Noise. Shadows. These are typically the things photographers looked out for. And personally, I felt these are very basic and rudimentary good photographs must have. However, if I come across someone who ONLY comment on photograph that are not being sharp enough, having too much noise etc etc.. those boring technicalities, he/she should not be a judge photographer. Yes yes, photos must be sharp and in focus. Not sharp doesn’t mean a bad photo. Then again, this can bring up a good debate, discussion or a fist fight on what exactly is a good photograph. Honestly, I don’t care la.. I don’t sell my photos.

To me, a good photograph trigger emotions and thoughts… made you want to stare at it longer for no apparent reason. And you go “Aaah (sigh).. this is nice/beautiful”. Anyway, that’s not the point of my shoot today.

I went to have a walk down Alexandra River, which connects to Singapore River. It takes about 1.5hr to 2hr to walk from one end (which is near Redhill station) to the other end (Singapore River, Esplanade). It’s not a very long distance, but it drained my stamina quite a fair bit.

So I thought to myself, can I get some decent enough pictures out of blurry pictures? When I reviewed them back at home, honestly, most were crap. They looked exactly how the world is to me when I removed my spectacles, a smudge of blur. And they lack the X factor to let me even want to look at them again. Then why the hell did I even took them in the first place? Because I am trigger happy with a DSLR? Maybe. Or maybe I thought it would turn out something good? Maybe some did.


How blur can the pictures be before they irritates you? The lack of sharpness and focus to tell you exactly what’s going on in the picture. And it is exactly these blurry images that triggered your brain to start to think and ponder. Life is a confused journey filled with questions and exclamation marks.

Also, can you guess where these places are when they are out of focus? (I assuming someone or my future me is reading this,.haha)  Maybe I could suggest this as a game for my CCA orientation game…hmmm..