Natural Beauties


It’s not the first time to Botanical Garden with my decade-old Nikon D70 with a kit lens. But hey, with a simple photo editing software, you can still put up some good shots.

I personally like to increase the “blackness” in most photos as I tend to overexpose in digital shooting. Nonetheless, shooting botany is way much nicer than shooting people. First, they don’t shy away from camera. Second, they don’t complain or threaten to whallop you if you photographing them. And lastly, you don’t need to ask their permission.

Products crafted by Mother NatureĀ are beautifulĀ in their own ways. Many people will look at flowers because they are outstanding. Vibrant colours of red, blue and yellow.. Just like how you would notice the best looking lady/man in a crowd, you would notice the flowers first. Oh such grace and beauty!

Sad flower

Even a flower can look forlorn.


There are also beauty in the normal too. Only if we take our time to look around. They don’t catch our attention. But boy, do they give you a new perspective if you give them your time.

With a little imagination, does this looked like a green phoenix taking flight to the sky?

Leaves, trunks and roots are often neglected. Too many of them render them as normal. Not something we would even stop to look at. Yet, unlike flowers, each leaf and trunk had its own scar and skin. An art different from flowers.


Of course in Botanical Gardens, you have other living things. Not just flowers and leaves.

Maybe we should all slow down, look around and not crank our heads down to our mobile devices, and rediscover the beauty around us.