Jurong Eco Garden

It was another warm day. Mr. L suggested that I should go have a look at the secluded and unbeknownst corner of Singapore. It is situated behind the Science CleanTech park, in one corner of Jalan Bahar, near to Nanyang Technological University.

I was warned that there was an army of mosquitoes. I brought my super mozzie repellent, wore my long sleeve and covered my head with my singlet. Actually, only the repellent worked against the pesky bloodsuckers. Long sleeve and singlet were to protect myself from getting burnt from the over-friendly sun.

The entrance wasn’t very prominent, but you will find the way.

This is not exactly the entrance

The stairs lead to small area, you had to walk the opposite direction to get to the main area. There is a board that says to watch out for wild animals. Nope, I didn’t saw them. Could be the weather was too hot that they had hide away. So no boar, no monkeys, no snake.. nope. I did come across something that wasn’t in the board though.

Torment by the sun, the information board had faded.

It’s a small place, possibly the size of a football field. There are 4 water coolers in the central area of the park, and only 2 are working. There ain’t much to see, it’s more of an ecological test bed for researchers. One thing you might observed is that it had more butterflies or moth than other parks.

Butterflies are so hard to shoot when you have no tele lens. They can’t keep still!

Nothing unexpected of a park, there are flowers, grass, trees, insects and some ponds. A very open area which meant it can collect a lot of water… and a lot of sun.

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This park is on the edge of a highway and residential areas

Flowers, not a great variety of them. A small park la, how many flowers can I expect?


I did caught a bird with my camera. It’s a freaking noisy bird. Did you saw the eagle flying in the sky? hahaa

I spent an hour there, and decided to head back. Getting too warm and bored in the small park. As I was walking back, something cross my path. A small water monitor lizard! They are shy creatures, unlike Komodo Dragons. However, I would NOT want to be bitten by this reptile.

Along the way, I chat with 2 bird photographers who were patiently waiting for Violet Cuckoos which are brown in colour. I saw some brown birds, but I can’t be sure if they are what the¬†birdwatchers waiting. I definitely knew that they were not crows, koel, sparrows, mynahs or egret.

Can you find and identify the bird? A woodpecker?

The best thing that happened was I didn’t get bitten by mozzie. Yeah!