Agfa Vista at Bugis (July 2017)

Right, so I am jobless. My bank account had only withdrawal and no deposit transactions. I am bleeding my money away.

So I decided that I should try one new roll of film, Agfa Vista 400. I’ve never venture away from Kodak, so this is a very adventurous and risky decision to stray away from something I was familiar with. I shot it with my Rollei XF35 rangefinder (proudly MADE IN SINGAPORE) with the iso 320. Yes, I purposely shot it with a lower ISO so that everything should appear brighter (or overexposed).

One thing about the negative is that both sides of the negative is glossy. If you ever came across a film negative, you would see that one side is glossy and the flipped side would be “matte” finish. Well, this Agfa negative is glossy on both sides. Nothing to complain about, just that I have to make sure I am scanning the film the right side up.

Right, let’s see the results of Agfa Vista in Sunny Singapore. All 38 shots of it!! I did not edit anything, no colour change or cropping. Maybe the film scanner have different colour system.. but I did not edit a bit of it.

It seemed not very good metering when shooting at building, especially in shadows.

One thing I noted shooting with Rollei is that the space between each shot in the negative is very narrow. It’s almost there’s no space between each frame. And this may be why I could have more than 36 shots in one film. OR it could be the advance lever had something faulty. >.<

Hmmm… photos are not very sharp.. seem not to be in focus (my fault). And erm.. the lens is very dirty, I have to clean the lens. The colour seem alright, considering that Rollei does all the metering itself automatically .. which means that I can’t control aperture and speed. Again, I felt the Rollei not very sharp. It’s either I am cock eye, or the rangefinder focusing had some issue. Well, looking around the web and everyone seem to have a sharper focus. Maybe, I should give Mr Rollei XF35 a chance to redeem itself and the blur images are entirely my clumsy fault.

My next roll of film will be Kodak Tri-X pan film (black and white, of course there are shades of grey), and it should be expired by now.



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