Playing with light

Packed my gear and took off. It was a last minute decision. Well, not exactly last minute. It was decided 5hours before I set off. The location was decided 1hr before I set off.

It came to me one day that I shouldn’t spend my weekends slogging inside my home. I had to do something out of bed, out of my home. So going for a night shoot is sort of relaxing activity.

Here, I arrived at one of my usual haunt, Esplanade. I took my friend who was beginning to learn photography and imparted all the knowledge that I know of.Oh look. The typical night scene of Marina Bay Sands

I was playing with the shutter speed. Trying to get a silky water with long exposure. However, that would create an overexposure of those white lights from the buildings. It doesn’t look that bad now. I just felt that my composition could be better, I could have change to another location if there weren’t so many people sitting everywhere on the ledge along the barrage. Point noted, shoot during weekdays where there are fewer people.

So, on 28 October, Esplanade was having a dance fest. There’s this outdoor stage where people would follow the instructor to dance some simple moves. Then I thought, oh! I could play around with blurred motion.

Dance dance revolution. Look not that bad eh?

I was bored of the esplanade area and started to walk away from the place. There’s too many people. Not that I don’t like people, I don’t like crowds. And people tend to look down to use their phones while walking, they are like a walking asteroids that give no hoot about the traffic in front.

So as I walked farther away, the environment become more serene, quiet and peaceful (all the three words meant the same). Then I saw this “fountain” or water display. I thought it was cool. Well, I guess I sucked at shooting the fountain.

I just can’t get the artistic, abstract and geometry feel out of it.

There’s this building which I quite curious about it. I liked its architecture design. I guessed I was too tired so I didn’t properly took a good angle of it and think about composition. Yeah,.. crappy excuses I gave myself for the crappy photo. Oh well… next time when I got the urge to shoot again, I had to properly recce the place. And maybe, I should not tag a friend along, easier to move around. 😛