Island Hopped

Woke up early in the last saturday morning of September just to pack my barang barang. Prepared a few cameras, though in the end, I hardly used most of them.

So a few of us crazy friends decided to hop the southern islands. The picture of Lazarus Island on google was mesmerizing. Clear blue sky and water, and pristine sandy beach. And we took the first ferry towards St John island.

St John Island hold special memories for me. No worries, I was not part of the mental people or cholera infected patients that were quarantine there. If any of my close buddies are reading this, remember “Responsibility and Respect”?

The weather was sunny. Though it’s a small island, we walked about 2 hours on St John Island. Then we walked towards the Marine Education Centre which is about the size of a basketball court. The best part about this centre was that there’s toilet and water cooler.

After that small education centre, we strolled towards Lazarus Island. We didn’t walk the full length as we had to catch our lunch and the ferry to Kusu Island. So, nothing much there. The pictures of Lazarus beach that showed in many websites. You might be as disappointed as many other touristic images. Yea, the blue water is exaggerated. I admit that the beach is clean and white, the water is clear and clean. However, it does not exude the same blue as Lake Bled in Slovenia. So, don’t expect blue blue water.

Kusu Island is just a huge lump of soil that house 2 temples and a prison of tortoise. There’s a lagoon similar to Lazarus. If you want to nua, you may consider there. The temple was heard to be pretty effective in blessing couples with children, love life and many good stuff.

Anyway, it was freaking tiring walking almost the whole day. I took a quick nap while waiting under the tree.

Somehow, I just don’t have the trigger happy mood to shoot alot. hmm.. Could it be the spirits in St John holding me back?