Last Kampung

Today is 1st September 2017, it is also a public holiday. Hari Raya Haji. To an unemployed citizen of Singapore, weekdays and weekends and holidays are the same thing, not much difference.


And so here lies the last kampung of Singapore, nestled among the new high-rise flats on one side, and a row of affluent terraces on the other. It is not a getaway from the bustling city, it is still a residential area. I would love to live in one of this houses, if not for the irritating mozzies. No, I did not get bitten by those filthy insects, I wore long sleeves and pants. aha! I was prepared, I even brought a super powerful insect repellent.

New flats are still building around this quaint spot. I’m not sure what’s the future development of this area. It is smaller than a football field and doesn’t lie near anywhere prime estate. I hope I can buy one of this place with $5000.. hahAHHAHA… I must be dreaming mad.


This little kampung is situated at Lorong Buangkok. You could take a bus and walk a short distance, or take a private hire and not walk much or parachute from above. Either way, you would get there. It’s not a huge place, it’s a small kampung. Probably around twenty houses I guess. You would spend around one hour slowly taking pictures and looking around. As it was still residential, you couldn’t just explore as if it was abandoned castle. You might get slaughtered by those cats that guard the place.

Cats.. you know what I like about them? They don’t give a hoot about you. My camera was smacked in front of this cat, and it just doesn’t bother with all the shutters going wild. Probably one day, I should have entries with “wild animals” of Singapore.

Unlike HDB flats which was created out of the same mould by the same architect. The houses are unique in design. Well, at least they are different colours. You can tell your friend, “I stay in the blue house at Kampung Buangkok” and they would easily identify your place. You certainly can’t tell your friend “I stayed in blue flat in Clementi.” They would most probably be like “apa ini? You think whole clementi only one blue flat ah?”

I am not awe struck and totally fascinated by this place. It’s not a magical la la land or Disney World. Yes, it is different. And the most interesting building would be the mosque. Yes, there’s this colourful mosque. It does look to have the colours of Jamaica, ey?

So one hour of walk into people living space, it’s nothing fun or exciting. It is just different from your usual cement, bricks, mortar and almost lifeless flats.


So… that’s it. One hour walk, how much pictures do you expect from a lazy unemployed bugger? To all muslim friends, Selemat Hari Raya Haji. I bet more than 99% of the muslim population would not even know the existence of this blog.      Do I even care?