Airshow 2018

Another Airshow. My 4th visit to this Airshow. I always like to see the product exhibits (which is not alot). Most people came for the aerial display….I would only go if there’s any interesting and rare aircraft flying such as an Osprey, C2, A400, A10 or F35. Well.. I saw the Osprey in action.. that was cool.

Close to the sun in lonely lands, Ring’d with the azure world, he stands. – Excerpt from “The Eagle” by ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON

Definitely, the aerial display was what people went for. It’s the cream, the highlight.. and possibly the only justifiable good reason to go for airshow. Indeed, it’s a pity the Korean Eagles had an unfortunate event. Fortunately, the pilot was not hurt.. so we may hope for another display from them in the future. They are really fantastic pilots.

While many enthusiacts.. enthusiaticts… enthusiast.. yep… got that word right.

While many enthusiasts brought huge cannons camera to zoom in into the pilot face, I miserably and lazily didn’t carry any “professional” camera. I only brought the camera phone (which 100% of the people have, albeit not a high-end Tier 1 Galaxy or iPhone..but still manageable.) and a decent pocket size, compact, light weight Panasonic Lumix FS42, made in China with very basic functions, no filters. It’s was born in 2009, so it’s 10 donkey years old. People would have change 5 smartphones in that period, and I’m still using this. I am a very loyal and frugal photo hobbyist. HAha..

So here are the static displays are taken by the 10 year old workhorse.

And here are the pictures shot with the Panasonic and my Sony phone. Yea.. smartphones nowadays are so smart that automatically adjusted and push the bloody contrast unnaturally high. People like rich in blue and red and green… although it feel nice, that’s not how the real world colour is. Oh well, colour are relative anyway.

Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel


The reason I changed to my phone camera because I ran out of batteries on my panasonic. I never prepared for this airshow visit actually, it was rather random decision.

You the colour of the sky is different eh? Because the camera software did something to it AND I also did something to it and there’s something called “metering” which affect the exposure of the picture.