Coney Island

Coney Island –  20 January 2018, weather was fine. Fine = no rain, fair amount of sun. Why is it called Coney island and not Pulau Serangoon? I have no idea. Who is Coney? Don’t really care. If anyone want to know more about this island of many islands of our main island, be sure that you are reading up Coney Island Singapore, not New York.

Went for this photography walk with the photog club, in the end, I walked alone. I needed a little motivation to get my ass up in the morning and travel about 1hr to reach Punggol at 9am. Unexpectedly, I was late for 10mins.

Since I’m in Coney Island, I would begin to start shooting the wild life….. ok.. I started taking pictures of the greens. Each time I go into some nature parks, I take small photos of these small living floral. Maybe I should buy a macro lens, just to complete my collection.

Coney Island, full of trees, green, insects.. and some birds if you have binoculars… ermm.. Ya.. that’s about all. It’s a pretty good place to work out the legs. Spend almost two hours walking there. Shagged. I seriously need to train up my stamina and strength…..         pro—cast—inate—-.. hahahahahaha

This could be the most green and mother-nature loving post of 2018 yet. And as usual, I categorise green into one group.. and not so green into one.


The not so green..part